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Since October 2017, SOCOM Athlete has hosted 33 Hell Day events in 10 different states utilizing mass outreach & networking capabilities via Instagram (social media) to promote, organize, & conduct events for potential SOF (Special Operation Forces) candidates in advantageous demographic regions. By utilizing our Human Performance (HP) systems & processes combined with our resources & network in and among the Special Operations community, SOCOM Athlete events facilitate a realistic, scenario-based day of challenges in which the attendee is removed from their comfort zone/daily routine and immersed into the world of a candidate in special operations pipeline training. Students learn that only together, as one unit, will they finish the course. Whether communicating clearly to accomplish tasks or keeping warm after cold water submersion, the day/night is full of challenges that cannot be accomplished alone! With currently 60,0000+ active followers & a growth rate of 1,000+ followers/month, our outreach & engagement in the online/social media community continues to grow. Utilizing strong demographic study & our network of reputable past/former Special Operators, we have development/training groups in over 20 states.