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TACP Elite 60-Day Prep Program: Are you training for a career in Air Force TACP? This program is PDF formatted to your device, offering detailed TACP pipeline and training guidance with targeted, daily workouts. 


"SOCOM Athlete's TACP Prep Program was everything I needed to prepare for TACP school. I graduated with the top 12 mile ruck march time in my class, and can proudly say I earned the TACP beret. Gung-Ho!" -SSgt Kehler, TACP Graduate, Hawk 113 Class 20-010

The TACP Elite 60-Day Prep Program Includes:

  • Swimming & Water Confidence: Swimming intervals, Treading water, Mask & Snorkel Work, Breath holds, Underwater Swimming, and IFT 500 meter practice.
  • Ruck Marching: Focus on 6 and 12 miles ruck march evaluation distances. Develop durability, endurance, and stamina.
  • Weight Training: Hypertrophy, Olympic Lifting, Isolation Lifts, Circuit Training, and more.
  • Running: Evaluation Distances, Intervals, Sprint Work, Trail Runs, and Long Distance.
  • Fitness Tests: USAF IFT (Initial Fitness Test) Practice and Evaluations.
  • Calisthenics: Maximize numbers for pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.
  • Recovery Work: Active Recovery, Mobility, Static Stretching, and Dynamic Stretching.

"America's #1 TACP Prep Program!"

TACP Elite 60 Day Prep Program & Guidance



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