Going PJ, CCT, SR, or TACP!?

Special Warfare 40-Day Beginner Prep Program:

  • We teamed up with the CCT & PJ from Special Tactcis Development and Retired PJ Chief James "Super" Sanchez to build YOU the most targeted & structured Beginner Prep Program in the country, featuring a detailed PDF document delivered straight to your device.
  • To secure an Air Force SPECWAR contract, you’ll need to pass an official PAST Test twice in-a-row to gain orders to BMT (for non-prior service). All PAST Test criteria, guidance, & minimum score requirements are included in the program.

The Program includes:

•SPECWAR Prep and A&S guidance/criteria w/ Daily Workouts emphasizing:
-Water Confidence
-Distance & Interval Running
-Ruck Marching
-Distance & Interval Swimming

Beginner: PJ/CCT/TACP/SR 40-Day Prep Program