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"The SR Elite Program is the best & most challenging prep program in America. With hard work & commitment, many finishers of this program have graduated the SR/CCT training pipeline, and are now officially USAF Special Tactics Operators. As a former USAF PJ, Human Performance Expert, and 2-Sport College Athlete, I know what it takes to be the best. My team & I designed this program exactly for you to be the best!"

-Jason Sweet, Program Creator


Aspiring to earn the grey beret, and to join the Elite Ranks of Air Force Special Reconnaissance?

Our SR Elite Prep Program is formatted to YOUR device, and offers detailed SR training guidance with targeted, daily workouts incorporating:

  • Running: Evaluation Distances, Intervals, Sprint Work, Trail Runs, and more
  • Swimming & Water Confidence: Treading Water, Drownproofing/Bobbing, Underwater Knot Tying, Swimming intervals, Mask & Snorkel Recovery, Breath holds, Fin Swimming & more.
  • Ruck Marching: Work-up from 6 miles to 12 miles with detailed, targeted instruction and ruck marching courses.
  • Fitness Tests: USAF IFT (Initial Fitness Test) Practice & Evaluations
  • Weight Training: Islolate & target critical muscle group with hypertrophy, olympic lifting, strength training, and power lifting
  • Calisthenics: Develop the bodyweight anaerobic stamina required for elite fitness via alternate exercises to maximize pull-up, sit-up, and push-up numbers.
  • Recovery Work: Active Recovery, Mobility, Static & Dynamic Stretching


Prep Programs are in PDF format, and automatically downloaded upon purchase.


Many finishers of SOCOM Athlete prep programs have gone on to graduate assessment & selection and earn their scarlett beret. Will YOU be next? Your journey starts here! 

SR Elite 60-Day Prep Program & Guidance



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