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"The Development courses were exactly what I needed to establish a solid foundation for Navy SEAL training. 2 years later, I'm now graduated as a Navy SEAL, and give a lot of credit to Jason's teaching and mentorship." -Seth, U.S. Navy SEAL, SDV-1


Friday Development Course: [Exact location provided via email upon registration]


Time: 4 PM-10 PM


Receive coaching and mentorship from America's top subject matter expert, Instructor Jason Sweet.

  • Read more about SOCOM Athlete instructors: Click Here


Required Paperwork: [ Included with email after registration ]


Friday & Sunday Course Objectives:

1. Running Strategy & Application (Friday)

2. Pool/Water Confidence & Swimming Technique (Friday & Sunday)

3. Calisthenics & Proper Former (Friday & Sunday)

4. Weight Training & Olympic Lifting (Sunday)

5. Nutrition Lecture & Hands-on seminar (Friday)

6. Leadership & Communication Development (Friday & Sunday)

7. Rucksack Packing & Application (Friday)

8. Team Discussion, Individual Critiques & Feedback (Sunday)



Please read the equipment list carefully:

The following items are MANDATORY:

  • Rucksack or Large backpack to store your gear/equipment in
  • 2 SOCOM Athlete T-Shirts or All-Black Athletic T-Shirt (Small logos are authorized) 

  • 2 All-Black Athletic Shorts (Small logos are authorized)

  • Official ID (Driver’s License, Passport, CAC, Learner’s Permit, etc.)

  • 300-600 calories of Snacks (Quest Bar, Fruit, Beef Jerky, etc.)

  • 1 Gallon H20

  • ½ Gallon Gatorade/Powerade or Electrolyte Drink

  • 1 Pair Running shoes

  • 1 Towel

The following items are RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory:

  • Dive Mask 

  • Swim Shorts

  • Athletic Watch w/ Timer Mode

  • Sunscreen 

  • Bug Spray

  • Extra Towel

  • Snorkel

  • Fins

Friday Development Course: San Clemente, CA 10/11/2024



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