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🔱 SOCOM Athlete 60-Day Navy SEAL Elite Prep Program

We've Teamed up with U.S. Navy SEALs and Human Performance Experts to provide YOU with the best prep program to graduate BUD/S. "Earn your trident every day!"

Do you have what it takes to be a U.S. Navy SEAL!? First, you'll have to graduate BUD/S and SQT. "It pays to be a winner!"


The Navy SEAL Elite Prep Program inludes:

  • Program includes detailed, 18-page PDF of daily workouts & guidance formatted to YOUR device
  • Equipment used at BUD/S, Navy SEAL Creed, Guidance on Distance Tracking & Nutrition Apps, etc.
  • Running & Swimming: interval & long distances (CSS & Finning)
  • Olympic Lifting & Weight Training 
  • Dynamic warmups & cooldowns
  • Pool Competence-Underwater Swim, Drownproofing/Bobbing Equipment Recovery, Treading Water, etc.


Prep Programs are in PDF format, and are automatically downloaded upon purchasing.


🔱The enemy is training...What are YOU doing!?

Navy SEAL Elite 60 Day BUD/S Prep Program



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