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"SOCOM Athlete was exactly what I needed to set me up for success in the MARSOC training pipeline." 

-Sgt Bautista, MARSOC A&S Graduate, former SOCOM Athlete student


"Spiritus Invictus!" Aspiring to join the Elite Ranks of the MARSOC Community?

Our MARSOC Elite 60-Day Prep Program is formatted to YOUR device, and offers detailed A&S guidance with targeted daily workouts incorporating:

  1. Running: Evaluation Distances, Intervals, Sprint Work, Trail Runs, and more
  2. Ruck Marching: Work-up from 45-55 lbs. from 6 miles to 12 miles with detailed, targeted instruction and ruck marching courses.
  3. Fitness Tests: USMC PFT (Physical Fitness Test) & Build-up to 1,000m Swim 
  4. Weight Training: Islolate & target critical muscle groups with hypertrophy, strength training, and powerlifting.
  5. Calisthenics: Develop the bodyweight anaerobic stamina required for elite fitness via alternate exercises to maximize pull-up, sit-up, and push-up numbers.
  6. Water Confidence: Treading Water, Underwater Swim, Breath Holds, Knot Tying, and more.
  7. Recovery Work: Active Recovery, Mobility, Static & Dynamic Stretching


Prep Programs are in PDF format, and are automatically downloaded upon purchasing.


Many finishers of SOCOM Athlete prep programs have gone on to graduate & accomplish their goals in Special Operations. Will YOU be next? Your journey starts here!

MARSOC Elite 60-Day Prep Program & Guidance



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