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Hell Day Phoenix II: Saturday 2/26/2022

Join us at Hell Day Phoenix II for SOCOM Athlete's 56th Hell Day event!

Location:  Phoenix, AZ [Announced via email to Registrants]


Attention: Upon registration, students receive an email with pertinent event information & attachments. Registrants are contacted personally by SOCOM Athlete instructors & added to a team group chat prior to Hell Day weekend. 


Event instructors: Click here to read about your potential event instructors; Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force PJs, Special Tactics Officers, USMC Force Recon, and more


Hell Day Timeline:

  • Check-in & Introductions: 9:00AM-10:00 AM
  • Hell Day Fitness Test (PAST/PST/PFT): 10:00-12:00 
  • Hell Day Evolutions: 12:00-8:00 PM 
  • Cleanup, Debrief, Closing Speeches: 8:00-9:00 PM



Please read the equipment list carefully:


The following gear items are provided to students:

  • Provided: Rucksack (May bring personal rucksack if preferred)
  • Provided: Multicam Pants & Tops
  • Provided: Tactical Belt 
  • Provided: Training Rifle 

The following items are MANDATORY:

  • 2 SOCOM Athlete T-Shirts or All-Black Athletic T-Shirt (Small logos are authorized) 

  • 2 All-Black Athletic Shorts (Small logos are authorized)

  • Official ID (Driver’s License, Passport, CAC, Learner’s Permit, etc.)

  • 600-900 calories of Snacks (Quest Bar, Fruit, Beef Jerky, etc.)

  • 2 Gallon H20

  • ½ Gallon Gatorade/Powerade or Electrolyte Drink

  • 1 Pair Running shoes

  • 1 Pair Extra Shoes (Will Get Dirty)

    • May Bring Boots instead

  • Rucksack or Large Backpack

  • 1 Towel

  • Cell Phone App for Note-taking

The following items are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory:

  • Dive Mask or Swim Goggles 

  • Swim Shorts

  • Athletic Watch w/ Timer Mode

  • Red Light Headlamp

  • Sunscreen 

  • Bug Spray

  • Extra Towel

Optional, but recommended for NSW, USAF, USMC Candidates:

  • Snorkel

  • Rocket Fins/Jet Fins & Dive Boots


Required Paperwork:  [ Attached via email upon registration ]


**Our Medical Waiver/Assumption of risk form is disseminated upon registration. Must be at least 16 y/o to participate. Our parental consent waiver required for 16 y/o is disseminated upon registration.


Full Weekend Hell Day Mentorship Package:

Go beyond the Saturday Hell Day and join us for the full weekend of hands-on, in-person instruction & mentorship at the Friday and Sunday Development courses; developing techniques, fundamentals, and conceptual learning. For only $399, the Premium Hell Day Weekend Package provides over $700 in value to include the Friday & Sunday Development Courses, Meal Plan, eBook Workout Prep Program, & SOCOM Athlete Flag T-Shirt! 


Hotel/Lodging (Not included): Lodging is optional, and is not included in the cost; Rooms are pre-purchased by SOCOM Athlete, allowing candidates to register for lodging on our website at a lower rate.


What is Hell Day?

Hell Day immerses you into an intense team environment, providing: credentialed instructors from various Special Operations backgrounds, rubber training rifles, tactical litters, large training logs, challenging scenarios, physical & mental stress, and more; replicating a training environment similar to Navy SEAL BUD/S Hell Week, USAF A&S, Army Ranger/Special Forces Assessment & Selection, etc. 

Students are first administered a Fitness Test, evaluating proper form & assessing 1.5 mile run times, max push-ups, pull-ups & sit-ups, a 500/250 yard swim (students not seeking careers with water requirements may choose not to participate in swim evaluations), followed by two sets of 25 meter underwater swim evolutions. Following the fitness test, students are exposed to strenuous environmental elements such as: cold water submersion, stress induced from instructor cadre, team runs & ruck marches, challenging tasks & timelines, and more. Weaknesses & strengths are exposed in each student throughout the event, providing real-time proof/analysis of whether the student possesses necessary traits to become a Special Operator. Traits we analyze:

  • physical performance
  • resiliency/will-power

  • leadership ability

  • task-performing accuracy & precision under stress

  • communication under stress

  • confidence accomplishing tasks under the water

  • cognitive learning

  • memory retention

Hell Day students quickly learn that only together, as one unit, will they finish the course. Students often have never met each other prior to participating in Hell Day, and often finish the night as close friends, establishing an unbreakable bond. The day & night is full of challenges that cannot be accomplished alone! Many Hell Day students have gone on to accomplish their dreams of becoming Navy SEALs, Pararescuemen, Combat Controllers, Army Rangers, Green Berets, TACP, and more. Will YOU be next? 

Hell Day Phoenix II: SAT FEB 26, 2022



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