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SOCOM Athlete's famous customized Meal Plan. 


Note: Upon purchasing the meal plan, a list of questions are sent to your email that allows us to properly customize your meal plan upon receiving your answers. Once we receive the requested information, your meal plan will be constructed within 24 hours and provided to you as a PDF file that can be downloaded an infitine number of times from any device.


This customized meal plan is designed by SOCOM Athlete founder Jason Sweet. Jason is a nutrition expert with a degree in biochemistry from the Univeristy of Arizona and over 15 years of experience developing customized meal plans. Jason served in U.S. Special Operations as a USAF PJ (Pararescue Jumper) prior to playing Division 1 Football for the University of Arizona. 


This customized meal plan includes:

  • Customized Daily Macro Breakdown
  • SOF Nutrition eBook textbook
  • Detailed Guidance on daily macro intake (Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates)
  • Guidance on meal prepping, shopping for correct food items, and utilization
  • Spreadsheet on exactly what to eat each day


Proper nutrition is required to successfully fuel your body while training an elite special operator in the U.S. military. Don't miss this opportunity to bring game-changing results to your daily performance with SOCOM Athlete's customized meal plan.

Customized Meal Plan



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