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Set yourself a strategy

Perhaps one of the most important factors that make learning English easier is the strategies used in teaching. There are dozens of strategies that can be used during training.

Language Learning Strategies:

  1. Reading the title to get an idea of the content of the text.

  2. Associating images with text, if available.

  3. Quick text preview to get a general idea.

  4. Maintaining a dictionary for each unknown word.

  5. Using the dictionary only for words that are considered important.

  6. Classify words according to their meanings after reading.

  7. Reread the text to reinforce the meaning.

  8. Remember the important points from the read text and retell.

  9. Classify words according to their grammatical structure.

Make a plan and schedule

To follow the training, you need to create a scheduling program according to personal preferences.

  1. You can practice weekly or monthly.

  2. To see the progress, it will be useful to prepare your table in the form of separate headings.

  3. It's important to stick to your schedule. Of course, there are times when things don't go according to plan, but you need to try to catch up as much as possible.

Use books, audio, video, apps and websites

Grammar lectures, lessons, audio recordings and listening exercises and related tasks can be found even in mobile applications. There are also trainings based on knowledge of the English language. You can find free training on the site.

By the way, Youtube is another medium preferred by many when learning English. It is easy to use and free.

You can try watching movies with your language subtitles or dubbed versions with English subtitles.

An effective language learning app - Duolingo. Its working principle is very practical and allows you to get acquainted with grammar rules, audio lessons and translations in a short time.

Practice with a teacher

The teacher will prepare a lesson plan according to the student's learning style and starting level. A private tutor may be the person with whom a person can practice the most.

Communicate internationally

As modern technologies improve, it is impossible not to take advantage of them. You can use the Internet in any area, as well as use it for communication. Of course, we are talking about international socialization. It will be very interesting and useful to create a circle of friends from people of other nationalities.

One of the safest apps I can recommend is Tandem. In this application, a person will find many foreign like-minded people. The application is easy to download from GooglePlay and AppStore. This application, which has many approved users, will help you make many friends and practice your English. Thanks to the function of video calls and voice calls, voice recording and sending photos, a person will have the opportunity to take friendship beyond correspondence.

If a person uses Facebook, then you can find foreign friends in many groups. Another advantage of the groups on this social network is the platform where you can find many like-minded people trying to learn English.


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