SD Hell Day: Saturday, 16 Nov (8 Hours)

Location:  Announced via email to Registrants

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  • PAST Test/PST/PFT: 1400-1600 (2-4 PM)
  • HELL DAY: 1600-2200 (4-10 PM)


  • 2 sets: All Black Shorts & Black Shirt.
  • Swim Bottoms
  • Running Shoes
  • Hiking boots 

Equipment: Rucksack/Durable Backpack, snacks, 1 Gallon H20, Towel

**Must be 16 y/o to participate (waiver available to 16 y/o & requires parental consent via our paperwork

What is Hell Day?

Hell Day places registrants into a team, and are provided with rubber training rifles, large training logs, combat life-saving gear, litters, and more, all while immersed in a realistic training environment similar to Navy SEAL BUD/S Hell Week, USAF A&S, Army Ranger/Special Forces Assessment & Selection, etc.

Students are exposed to strenuous environmental elements such as: cold water submersion, stress induced from instructor cadre, challenging team ruck marches & runs, etc. Weaknesses & strengths are exposed in each student throughout the event, providing real-time proof/analysis of whether the student possesses the necessary traits to become a Special Operator. Traits we analyze:

  • resiliency/will-power

  • leadership ability

  • task-performing accuracy & precision under stress

  • communication under stress

  • confidence accomplishing tasks under the water

  • cognitive learning

  • memory retention

Students learn that only together, as one unit, will they finish the course. Whether communicating clearly to accomplish tasks or keeping warm after cold water submersion, the day/night is full of challenges that cannot be accomplished alone!

Typical Event Cadre include but are not limited to:

Isaiah Staley short BIO:

-Retired Navy SEAL officer

-9 combat tours

-Former Pararescueman (PJ)

-Former Combat Rescue Officer (CRO)

-USSOCOM Warrior Games Athlete

Jason Sweet short BIO:

-Former U of A Football & GCU Baseball player 

-Former Pararescueman (PJ)

-62 combat missions, Afghanistan

-Father-son PJs served together (first specops father-son in history)

-U of A Human Performance representative (Defense & Security Research Institute)

Chief James Sanchez short BIO:

-Retired CMSGT 306 RQS

-Former Tier 1 operator 24th STS, SEAL Team 6

-Former Commandant Pararescue Schoolhouse

-Over 10 Deployments

Nick Gough short BIO:

-Former Army Ranger Sniper, 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment

-Owner, Dark Corner Concepts

-Sponsored shooter with Spikes Tactical

**Join us for the full weekend and get fully equipped (Read Below)!

Destin Full Weekend Special Operations Mentorship:

Go beyond the Saturday Hell Day, and join us for the full weekend of hands-on, in-person development, Career Q&A, nutrition lectures, and receive your online workout program, meal plan by SOF Nutrition, and SOCOM T-Shirt.

**Lodging is optional, and is not included in the cost; Rooms are pre-purchased by SOCOM Athlete, allowing candidates to register for lodging on our website at a lower rate.

San Diego Hell Day: Saturday, 16 Nov