Package 2 (Full): $2,380

  • Scouting/Recruiting Personnel provided with contact info. of Hell Day participants and our regional leads/candidates.

  • Unlimited personnel from department may attend to recruit/scout.

  • Instagram tagging & shoutouts in pre/post event videos (average 62,000 views per video).

  • Scouting/Recruiting Personnel are provided (with full rights to) with the professional media content (videos & photos) from event.

  • 20 minute time-block: scout/recruiter opening presentation

  • 20 minute time-block: scout/recruiter closing presentation

  • Civilians currently being scouted/recruited may attend the event to spectate (must be escorted & accompanied by personnel).

  • Direct link to contact appropriate Recruiting/Scouting Personnel Posted at the top of the website’s “events” page.

Scouting/Recruiting Sponsorship (Full)

  • Once you have selected an option & succesffuly purchased, our staff will contact you to schedule a conference to discuss your preferences & how we brand your logo/company!