Hell Day San Clemente V Full Weekend Special Operations Mentorship:

Join us at Hell Day San Clemente V for SOCOM Athlete's 44th Hell Day event! 

Go beyond the Saturday Hell Day, and join us for the full weekend of hands-on, in-person development, Career Q&A, nutrition lectures, and receive your online workout program, meal plan by SOF Nutrition, and SOCOM T-Shirt all included.


Location: San Clemente, CA (Exact Location Announced via email to Registrants)


Attention: Upon registration, students receive an email with pertinent event information & attachments. Registrants are contacted personally by SOCOM Athlete instructors & added to a team group chat prior to Hell Day weekend. 


Click here to meet your potential instructorshttps://www.socomathlete.com/our-instructors-mentors


For only $269, the weekend package provides $500 in value as you're fully equipped with meal/workout program & shirt!

(see full description below)

Included in Purchase:

  • 1x Online 40/60 Day Weekly Workout Program based on your desired career-field in Special Ops. Look through our list of programs here:


  • 1x Meal Plan by SOF Nutrition: 



  • Friday Development (6 hrs):


  • Sunday Development (6 hrs): 



**Lodging is optional, and is not included in the cost; Rooms are pre-purchased by SOCOM Athlete, allowing candidates to register for lodging on our website at a lower rate. Link to lodging:



Uniform/Equipment: Please read the equipment list carefully:

  • 2 Pairs: All black athletic shorts & shirt
    • Small logos are authorized
  • 1 Pair Running shoes
  • Extra pair Running shoes or lightweight/tactical boots
    • Extra socks recommended
  • Swim bottoms are optional & must be black
  • Facial Covering (Extra Facial Coverings will be provided)
  • Rucksack or large & durable backpack
  • Snacks ~500-700 calories (Quest Bar, Fruit, Beef Jerky, etc)
  • 2 Gallon H20
  • ½ Gallon Gatorade or Powerade
  • Towel
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Bug Spray
  • Optional/Recommended:
    • Dive Mask (Aqualung Atlantis, Wraparound 3, etc.)
    • Sports watch w/ timer mode
    • Head lampSunscreen
  • Friday/Sunday Development ONLY:
  • Note-taking app on phone
  • Dive Mask (may purchase a simple & inexpensive mask) Masks are available to borrow upon request (Recommended: Aqualung Atlantis, Wraparound 3).
  • Optional: Snorkel, Fins & booties

Full Weekend Mentorship Package: San Clemente, CA 9-11 April 2021