[  Location: Announced upon registration |

**Development Time: 1100-1600

**Session is Group Development/Coaching & Fundamental Work**

Uniform: All Black Shorts and Shirt, shoes any color

Equipment: Watch, Water Bottle, Mask (preferred)/goggles, Swim Gear, Towel, ( Fins & Snorkel optional)

Typical Friday & Sunday Session outline (stations):

1. Ruck Packing/Run/Calisthenics

2. Pool/Water Confidence

3. Team-building/Competition

4. Weight Training & Olympic Lifting

5. Nutrition Lecture & Program Building

Typical Event Cadre include but are not limited to:

Isaiah Staley short BIO:

-Retired Navy SEAL officer

-9 combat tours

-Former Pararescueman (PJ)

-Former Combat Rescue Officer (CRO)

-USSOCOM Warrior Games Athlete

Jason Sweet short BIO:

-U of A Football & GCU Baseball player (former)

-Former Pararescueman

-62 combat missions, Afghanistan

-Father-son PJs served together (first specops father-son in history)

-U of A Human Performance representative (Defense & Security Research Institute)

Chief James Sanchez short BIO:

-Retired CMSGT 306 RQS

-Former Tier 1 operator 24th STS, SEAL Team 6

-Former Commandant Pararescue Schoolhouse

-Over 10 Deployments

Nick Gough short BIO:

-Former Army Ranger Sniper, 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment

-Owner, Dark Corner Concepts

-Sponsored shooter with Spikes Tactical

San Antonio: 24 Nov Sunday Development (5 hrs)