Preparation for USMC Recon BRT/Pipeline

Going USMC Recon!? You'll need to graduate the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) first! BRC requires excellent PFT scores, long-distance ruck marching, medium distance swims, 25m underwater swimming, treading water, & much more.

40-Day Online Program:

  • Ruck Marching
  • Lower & Upper Body Hypertrophy & Calisthenics 
  • Dynamic warmup/activation & cooldowns
  • Interval & long distance running
  • Interval & distance swimming
  • Water Confidence
  • •USMC PFT:

    -Max Push-ups (2 min)

    -Max Pull-ups (2 min)

    -Max Crunches (2 minutes)

    -1.5 Mile Run (3 Mile Run administered upon entry)

    •1,000m Fin Swim

    •12 Mile Ruck w/ 50 lbs.

    •500m CSS swim (Combat Side Stroke)

⚡️The process to becoming a Recon Marine begins by assessing at the monthly screening locations conducted at the East and West Coast pools. Any Marine wishing to obtain the reconnaissance military occupational specialty, 0321, must be a United States citizen and releasable by their MOS monitor. The Marines must meet the following basic requirements: have a general technical score of 105 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, obtain a first class score on the physical fitness test, possess a combat water survival 1 qualification, be eligible for a secret clearance, have no page 12 entries in their service record book and have a minimum of 18 months remaining on current enlistment contract upon completion of BRC (basic reconnaissance course).

⚡️In addition, the Marine's Battalion or Squadron Commander must submit a written endorsement for them to take part in the screening. Many qualifications are mandatory for becoming the eyes and ears of ground forces. Some go through the screening process several times before obtaining the RECON MOS or in this case, access to RECON training (Basic RECON Course). Due to this screener program and the RECON Primer Prep Course, the attrition rate is front loaded into the training. Having fully capable and qualified Marines attend the Basic RECON Course is the goal of the Screener and Prep.

⚡️This program will comibned with YOUR 100% commitment will aid you in preparing for the demands of the Recon pipeline. Start Today.

Basic: USMC Recon 40-Day BRT Prep Program