Aspiring to join the Elite Ranks of the 75th Ranger Regiment?

Our Program is formatted to YOUR device, and offers detailed RASP guidance & targeted, daily workouts incoporating: running, ruck marching, calisthenics & weights for up to 10 weeks if repeating!

  • Want a taste of what it takes!? Try the attached Sample Day!


RASP is 8 Weeks in Length

Minimum Passing Scores for Ranger Fitness Test:  

  • Push-ups: 58

  • Sit-ups: 69  

  • 5 mile run in 40:00

  • Pull-ups: 6

15 meter Swim in Uniform, Boots, Vest, & Rifle

  • Ensure you’re comfortable in the water!

Ruck March/Ruck Runs

  • Candidates require 40-50 pounds of gear in their pack/rucksack
  • At RASP, a 12 mile ruck must be accomplished on Day 4 in under 3 hours. ~14 minutes per mile pace is ideal. 
  • Candidates must also perform two 5 mile runs for time.

Land Navigation (Both Day & Night)

  • With map & compass, candidates will be expected to navigate to various points in various time requirements both individually and as a team.

Ranger Assessment & Selection Elite Prep Program & Guidance