Preparation for SEAL/SWCC Training Pipeline

Training to become a Navy Special Warfare Operator? SOCOM Athlete's Beginner SEAL/SWCC Prep Program is America's #1 resource to optimize readiness for water confidence, swimming/finning, calisthenics, and the appropriate resistance/weight training to strengthen critical muscle groups required of a solid candidate.

4 Week Online Program:

  • PST Prep
  • Lower & Upper Body Hypertrophy & Calisthenics 
  • Dynamic warmup/activation & cooldowns
  • Interval & long distance running
  • Interval & distance swimming
  • Water Confidence

The SEAL/SWCC Beginner Prep program also includes recommended apps, equipment, and methodology for succesfully accomplishing the program. Your journey starts now! 

Beginner: 30-Day Navy SEAL/SWCC PST/Pipeline Prep Program