Sep 15, 2017

SOF and vision


multi part quest


The first time I went to MEPS, even though I had 20/15 vision I did not 'demonstrate enough depth perception' to be eligible for Naval Aviator. according to my navy recruiter at the time that was no big deal, a retest is all it would take.


I decided not to retest with the navy becasue I felt called to Pararescue. I told my Air Force recruiter that I had previously failed for depth perception. He tells me 'I could try and get you a retest but it will be extremely difficult.' he added Pararescue does not require depth perception.


If I go to MEPS and fail again do I have commitment to the Air Force if I am medically not qualified to do what I want to do?





Sep 19, 2017


Thanks for your question, as you've come to right place to have that addressed.

1.) Pararescue (and any SOCOM/SOF career) ABSOLUTELY requires adequate depth perception. Could you imagine trying to land a parachute or insert and IV into a patient in a helicopter all without depth perception? Injuries or death will result

2.) I had/have excellent depth perception, but actually failed my first depth perception test because I was taking the test the "wrong way." I was taught a "trick," and I nailed it on my second test not missing a single iteration.

3.) If your recruiter legitimately doesn't grant you another try, go through a guard or reserve PJ team. they are a separate entity from active duty, each team with their own designated recruiter. There are more guard/reserve PJ teams than there are active duty. Guard/Reserve PJs go through the exact same training, and generally spend 3 years on active duty orders from the time they enlist to the time the become "part-time." Thus, there isn't a big difference. A PJ is a PJ. If you have any additional questions regarding guard/reserve vs. active duty, please post a new topic, as it is something I frequently have to answer.


Regarding the "trick," instead of focusing directly on the circles and trying to decipher which one is closer....for each iteration, begin your focus by gazing your eyes BEYOND the circles. Look past them, and don't focus on any individual circle. After gazing beyond them for a couple seconds, now adjust your focus onto the circles. One of them will stand out to you as being closer.


The difference in this method is allowing your eyes to focus on the BASE of the objects first, to allow them to develop a depth. After that depth is deciphered, the focus leaves the base, and aims to the circles. Draw three circles on a piece of paper and practice this. Set a test up for yourself using objects with adjustable heights.

Sep 25, 2017

I had a friend who was going CCT. Upon completing air force basic training, himself and the other special warfare candidates were given a (color) eye exam. He and a few other guys failed this test and were not cleared to go to selection. They went through MEPS upon enlistment. instead of getting the chance at the job they signed up for, they were sent to other units. How can i be sure that this doesn't happen to me? As far as I know, I have perfect vision. Ever hear of anything like this happen?

Sep 26, 2017

Here's the deal man, if you enlist in the Air Force as a CCT or PJ trainee, your recruiter is obligated to make you get tested for the required vision at MEPS. Something is fishy about this story. The orginal poster of this thread and I have been having a personal conversation regarding his issue on depth perception. His recruiter is legitimately telling him that depth perception isn't required to become a PJ. This 100% FALSE. I'm not saying 99%, I'm sayin 100%. I even called recruiters to double check, and they pulled up their information and confirmed. Don't ever trust a recruiter 100%. Double check everything.


To make sure it doesn't happen to you, you just verify with your recruiter that you will be receiving a "Class 3 Flight Physical at MEPS." This is a requirement, and if it isn't being carried out, somethin is fishy.

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