Sep 28, 2017

The two sides to Pararescue.


Alright man, so I know there are two sides to Pararescue, the attachment side (to other spec ops and SF units) and the PJ team personnel recovery side. Once you're in, do you have any say of which aspect you deploy with? Or do you cater to the needs of the command? which is your favorite and why?

Nov 15, 2017

Great question dude. Before I answer the question, it's important you know that your use of the word "sides" must be replaced by the word "duties."


Duties vary a Pararescueman, and there's a reason why PJs have the nickname "The Jack of All Trades." There is no difference in whether a PJ is operating primarily as an augmentee to assault teams, or whether operating primarily with a PJ team for a rescue-based mission. That being said, as a PJ, you will do it all. When stationed at a special tactics squadron, you often attach to assault teams from various branches while deployed. While deployed with a rescue squadron teams may do the same. A PJ is a PJ.


Focus on getting through the training first. By the time you are finished with your 2 years of training, and close to getting your beret, you will be exposed to much more than I can tell you publicly online. You will have the answers to your questions.


Get through the training to get your answers.

Nov 28, 2017


Upon receiving your beret, how is it decided which assignments you get? Do most PJ's get the option to serve with either STS/RS through there whole career? Do you get switched around throughout service or are you able to stick with one?

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